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Speech Therapy

TherapyCare Home Health puts very high importance on communication processes. Communication is also a basic daily activity that promotes health and satisfaction. Our team of speech therapists adapt the following roles and responsibilities to maximize their services to clients:

  • Assess problems related to speech, language, cognition, voice, swallowing and fluency
  • Work with those unable to produce audible speech sounds
  • Deal with understanding people with speech problems
  • Focus on problem solving, memory and attention of clients
  • Works with intense concentration and attention to detail

thumb7Interventions may include:

  • Education on Communication Alternatives
  • Guiding Clients to Community Awareness
  • Linguistics
  • Speech Faculty and Articulation Exercises
  • Training on the Use of Speech Devices
  • Non-Oral Communication Training

To know more about us, our speech therapy services and our mission, contact us at 904-246-3436 or set up an appointment today.

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