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Occupational Therapy

thumb6TherapyCare Home Health believes in evidence-based practice and employs only the best occupational therapists to facilitate our clients’ recovery. The primary role of occupational therapy is to educate people with injury, disability or illness to perform daily activities independently. Occupational therapy services begin with a thorough evaluation to assess the individual’s needs and may include some or all of the following:

  • Customized treatment plans for the purpose of meeting clients’ goals
  • Addressing limitations in self-care activities, such as dressing, grooming and eating
  • Home site evaluations to assess safety and increase independence
  • Recommending the use of and training clients on adaptive equipment, such as canes and walkers
  • Manual therapy to increase range of motion
  • Providing education and guidance to clients and family members

Common conditions treated by occupational therapy in the home health setting:

  • Stroke and other neurological disorders
  • Cardiopulmonary disorders
  • Deconditioning and balance disorders
  • Following surgery for:
    • Total hip replacement
    • Total knee replacement
    • Spinal fusion
    • Rotator cuff repair
    • Cardiac by-pass

To know more about us, our occupational therapy services and our mission, contact us at 904-246-3436 or set up an appointment today.

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