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Our Services

TherapyCare Home Health believes in the balance of compassionate care at home, proficiency on the part of the health care professionals, cooperation of the client and his family, and the availability of treatment modes such as medications in order to promote health.

Our services are focused on helping the client recover from his current health status or sustain health. We pattern our interventions in such a way that will promote self-help or independence to you.


Clients who often experience or have just experienced the following are highly recommended for home health care services:

  • Recent Hospitalization
  • Recent Discharge from Skilled Nursing Facility or Rehabilitation Center
  • Frequent visits to ER or Urgent Care
  • Unscheduled Physician (Sick) Office Visit
  • Calling Physician’s Office Multiple Times Per Week
  • Transition into ALF
  • New or Changed Medication
  • Non Compliance with Medical Treatment or Medications
  • New on Nebulizers or Oxygen
  • Oximetry Testing
  • Pulmonary Assessments
  • Unsteady Walking/Multiple Falls, Ambulation Training

TherapyCare Home Health offers the set of services below to guarantee the betterment of our clients. Kindly click on each item to get more information.

To know more about us, our services and our mission, contact us at 904-246-3436 or set up an appointment today.

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