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Reasons Why We Care

TherapyCare Home Health is not just your ordinary home health care provider. We take into account the principles of client centered care, teamwork, up-to-date technology and constant improvement in our services to deliver the highest quality of care we can provide you.

  • At TherapyCare Home Health, we have put together a patient centered model, where our goal is to develop an individualized program that encompasses the entire needs of the patient in the most cost effective manner. From direct patient care to caregiver strain.

  • TherapyCare Home Health has developed a partnership with Beaches Rehabilitation Center as a contractor to provide many of our physical therapy services in the home. This will give some of our patients the unique opportunity to work with a physical therapist in their home; and then once they are no longer homebound, if they choose and the physician agrees, the patient can continue to receive physical therapy through the outpatient clinic with the same therapist. This provides the patient with continuity of care as well as allowing the clinician to have knowledge of the barriers at home that the patient may face as they are recovering.

  • We have also chosen to have a complete electronic medical record system (Kinnser Software) to streamline our processes; improve communication among professional caregivers including an option for a physician portal for access to their patient records at all times; maintain patient confidentiality and uphold all HIPAA laws; and lastly help with cost control.

  • TherapyCare Home Health partners with different health care organizations to help in their respective pursuits. We are committed to being your partner in the care of your patients. It is our goal to work closely with our physicians and their staff to develop our programs to help meet your needs. If there is a specific issue that you, as an organization are facing, such as a need for a specific disease management program for your patients, let us know and we will work together to develop a program for your patients while under our care. Together we can help achieve your goals.

TherapyCare Home Health absolutely cares for your needs, whether you are a private individual or the owner of a large health care company itself. Meet with us and find out more about what makes us different from the rest. Contact us at 904-246-3436 or set up an appointment today.

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